Camp route 45 is a beautiful location near the little village of Hammerdal.

Go out for a swim in our natural pool with water from the river Fyrån.

We have a little restaurant on the campsite.  There is a grocery store in the village on walking distance.

The surrounded areas have a wilderness look with many small and large waterways, with plenty of opportunities for relaxing canoe trips or fishing.

You can walkout directly from the campsite into the woods or make a trip to the close by nature reserves of the Ammerån and Vackermyren. The Ammerån has many picnic sites with cooking areas. Vackermyren is reknowned for its array of wild orchids in spring. 

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The Wilderness Road is the highest paved road in Sweden and stretches between Jämtland and Lapland. The road is one of few roads through the Swedish mountain range and as it passes over the mighty Stekenjokk Plateau it gives you direct access to the mountains from your car door. The entire Wilderness Road is a 500 km stretch through some of the most spectacular parts of northern Scandinavia.

Note: The highest parts of the Wilderness Road over Stekenjokk is only open from the beginning of June until the middle of October due to vast amounts of snow, not uncommonly depths of up to 6 meters.

The road will be opened on the 6th of June every year.


On a 1.15 hr drive from our campsite you find this big fall. 

The fall is beautiful to see during dry summers when the water meanders down over the outcrops. During the spring, the fall is powerful with large splashing masses of water plunging downhill.

Next to the waterfall there are several barbecue areas and a bit upstream of the waterfall a rest cabin. There is also a nature trail with a lookout tower. Hike the path from the fall down through fine primeval forest with 250-year-old pines. There is a rich flora here. Hike up to Strömhöjden and its observation tower. From here you have an incredible view of forests, lakes and mountains. A pleasant hike for the whole family.

Canoeing and kayaking

Rent our kayaks and launch directly on to the Fyrån or on the Hammerdalsjön.

A trip downstream is a tranquil affair with the possibility to see beavers at work if you are lucky. 


See the eagles in there natural habitat.

Go out on a trip in to the wild!

Rent an electric bike

We offer you the possibility to rent these electric bikes. *

Explore the beautiful surroundings of Camp Route 45 on these e-bikes! They are super fun to ride!

We have routes of different lengths. Often past a nice Fika place.

With any luck you will spot some wildlife along the way!

This year we have 4 bikes.

Price: 270 SEK a day

*14 Years and over

Boat tour / water safari

Go out on a guided boat tour in the Fyrsjön area. 

An adventurous trip where we view the great beauty of this nature reserve. 

With some luck you can sea beavers and eagles in their natural habitat. 

On the way we have fika on a remote island and you can exerience the peace and space of this area.

Contact us for prices and possibilities.

Fishing adventure

Camp route and the surroundings offer great fishing waters.

For some you need a permit, we sell them at the reception.

Boat rent is available.

We can rent out back to basic cabins on a remote island were you can stay the night over and have a fishing adventure! 

Boil the water from the lake on your fire stove for a wilderness tea and grill your fish.

Its an adventure from the start!

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Mountainbiking and cycling

Explore this beautiful country in a healthy way while getting into the fjäll like a local. There are nice routes directly from the campsite for all types of bicycles. 

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Hiking in the forest

You can walkout directly from the campsite into the woods or make a trip to the close by nature reserves of the Ammerån and Vackermyren. The Ammerån has many picnic spots with cooking areas. Vackermyren is reknowned for its array of wild orchids in spring. 

For those who like geocaching, there are some to find.




Husky tour

Experience the force of a husky in a guided husky tours. After a short introduction about the huskies, you will put a leash on the husky.

@ Nordic Husky Farm.


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Moose garden

Just south of Östersund is a place where you can witness the majesty of the Elk close up and personal, Moose gården offer moose tours throughout the summer, check their site for dates times etc…


Storsjöbadet Östersund

Storsjöbadet is a set table for you who want to swim. With us, the visit will be exactly what you make it. You can be in a playful mood with family and friends, or just be by yourself for a while. Bring food or eat with us – you decide.

Discover Jamtli Östersund

At Jamtli there is always something to see and do! There are exciting temporary exhibitions, treasures such as Överhogdalsbonaderna, fun family activities, live role-playing games at Jamtli Historieland, interesting lectures, large folk festivals, Christmas market and spring market, beautiful park areas and live animals such as cows, horses and goats.

Winter in Hammerdal

Here in Hammerdal you can do a lot of activities in winter. You can enjoy the peacefull winter with fantastic views. 

In the area you find frozen lakes for ice fishing. 

There are a lot of routes for snowscooters over the lakes and trough the forrest.

A crosscountry ski route starts right at our Camp Route 45 and there are several routes in the area.

On a 10 minutes drive you find Vikbergets skidanläggning. 

They also rent out ski’s. A nice spot for a day winterfun and a hot coffee. 

Come to Camp Route 45 and enjoy the real winter!!

At the campsite you will find the peace and space wich makes Sweden so attractive.