Come and enjoy nature

Nice to meet you at our campsite!

Stay with us on Camp Route 45 in the wonderful swedish nature. Set of on a trip around the wildernessroad, go kayaking or wander arround the endless forest. Family van Pelt welcomes you!


We have Camping pitches all over the site with or without electricity. Some are located right next to the pretty river and others are closer to the service building. We have a service building complete with toilets, wash basins, showers, kitchen, laundry, washing up basins, drinking water and waste water disposal.


Come and stay in our cosy stugor. These stugor house 4 persons maximum. They have a two pan electric hob, refridgerator and everything you need to cook a small meal, brew tea or coffee. Water is obtained from our service building which also has its own kitchen if you prefer.


This 2 - 5 persons comfort cabins have there own kitchen and bathroom. These cabins are perfect for a longer stay in the area.

Reception / restaurant

Check in at the reception. Visit our cosy restaurant for a fika or a nice hamburger menu.
For fishing the amazing Ammerån you can buy the license at the reception.


Here in Hammerdal in Jämtland a lot is possible. No mass tourism without personal experiences but personal adventures. The area is very diverse.
In the winter activities such as downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. In the summer there are possibilities such as horseback riding, canoeing, mountain biking and (boat) safaris. Through our local network we know the people who can offer these activities on a small scale and turn it into a real Swedish adventure out of the hustle and bustle. Contact us to look together at wishes and possibilities.

Aurora borealis at Camp Route 45

Of all the beauty that can be seen in the winter night sky, the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, is perhaps the most spectacular of all. The northern lights are created by an interaction of particles from the sun that travel toward Earth in a “solar wind.” When that wind hits Earth’s atmosphere and mixes with gaseous particles, the results are stunning bands of light, often in shades of green and pink, but sometimes in yellow, blue, violet, and red. For many, seeing the northern lights is an experience worth traveling for—and you can’t see them just anywhere. For a chance to experience the beauty of the aurora borealis, you’re going to have to head north.

Camp Route 45 is a small, friendly, family run campsite. Situated between Östersund in the south and Strömsund in the north and only 500 metres from the E45; in the small samhälle of Hammerdal.

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We are family van Pelt

We are family Van Pelt and since 2022 proud owners of Camp Route 45. Martijn en Ilona and their three kids  welcome you to the campsite!! 

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Camp Route 45
Fyrån 210, 830 70 Hammerdal, Zweden